3 Days and Counting

3 days and counting – today, Wednesday, and Thursday – Friday I board the plane!  It’s really starting to seem real instead of a pipe dream.  Now I’m starting to realize how inadequate my Italian-American slang really is. Luckily, I little immersion learning will cure that!

This morning, while playing around with my phone, I realized that I have an amazing program on it for voice recordings.  It can record up to 86 hours and I can offload the files to my PC or send them to the cloud if I get a wifi signal. So, even though I’ll need a local smartphone for calls/texts/gps, I’ll keep my US phone handy for quick pics and voice memos.

I have a great guidebook to Origia and Siracuse. It shows dozens of interesting things within a 30 minute walk of the B&B. I really don’t think that I’ll have any trouble filling the time.

Ciao a tutti,


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