Busy, busy, busy 4

This last month has been quite busy here. Good busy, though!

On the personal front, we celebrated out 28th Anniversary with an amazing dinner at StregaWaterfront.  It was a perfect evening! Also, my 47th birthday was on April 1.  No, really.  :-)

On the business front, Mike and I have been hard at work on doing some site redesign for StregaCrafts. We’re not quite yet ready to put the changes live but we’re sure that you’ll be pleased with all the hard work that Mike has been putting in to making the site cleaner and more professional.

For me, I’ve been working on doing some product development.  Once of the things that I loved about having a brick-and-mortar store was that I was able to craft custom products for customers.  I love the “witchy hands on” creation of magical object, spell candles, incense, scents, etc.  We have things in our on-line stores but we’re going to add a twist to our offerings and let customers request custome items.  Stay tuned and very soon you will be seeing our new offerings.

On the spirituality front, I was honored to celebrate the Anthesteria with Coven Synergy. The only thing that I can say about it is… WOW.

On the community front, I’ve been working with some of the Elders of the Chthonioi-Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca to come up with ways that we can better interact with people in the community who want to know more about non-BTW modern Wicca.  If you’re interested in learning more, just send me an email.  At the moment, we have the website (http://www.chthonioi.org) but we’re also working on something a bit more interactive. (Hint – discussion group for Q&A’s.)

Even though it’s still cold and windy, I can feel Spring in my bones and I know that the Lady of  Perpetual Spring is right around the corner and has begun her way back to us as the Lady of Flowers.  As Spring rolls around, it becomes clear that it’s time to push outward and onward and begin planting the changes planned at Hestia/Imbolc.  Today’s tarot card was pretty clear about that!

This morning, I drew the Knight of Wands (Crowley-Thoth Deck) to represent the energies hovering on the edge just ready to move in.  My quick interpretation of this card is “fire of fire, dynamic forward motion, professionalism, through the fire, challenge & unfolding”.  Sounds right on the mark to me!

Happy April Everyone!


Oh, and Mike is helping me with a new blog design/layout that should be ready in a couple weeks!  He really is amazing.

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