We’re back on line…

We’re back on line with the new redesign of all our websites!

Now you can get to any of our sites by visiting http://www.arsenic.com.

We have a few bugs to knock out so please let us know if you see one and please give us your feedback!

Our newest site, http://www.Streghe.US is going to be our resource center for information on Witchcraft, specifically Pagan religious Witchcraft with origins in Italy/Sicily, Europe, & the USA.  We have a variety of articles, book reviews by Mike Gleason, blogs, and other references.  Please let us know if you have written an article that you would like to see at Streghe.US.  If you know of a good article that you think would be appropriate for our site, let us know its URL.  We’ll track down the author and see if they will let us repost it.

For those of you on Facebook, we are going to be changing how we use FACEBOOK:

LIKE OneStopOccultShop
for Store info, discount coupons, new products, blog updates, article updates, and things of interest to general paganism.

LIKE StregaCrafts

for updates of interest to Italian Craft, handmade items, blog updates, article updates, and things “Strega”, then please like this page:

Like Arsenic & Old Lace
if you want to see my “catch all” posts, blog updates, general reposts, etc.

Fair warning on my personal page
– it is going to be used for my personal posts, politics, humor, and general thoughts that creep out of my head. It will also be receiving reposts from my Twitter account and likely to have duplicate posts. If you don’t like my politics or my humor, then you probably shouldn’t friend it.

Ciao for now!

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