Mail issues… again

I was thinking of doing a blog post on the nature of ethics, civics, and morals but I’m not in a headspace to do that at the moment.  At a later date, remind me to tackle that topic.

All week, I’ve been struggling with our mail server on both a business front and on a personal front.  We host our own website as well as our mail servers but it is time to change.  As many of you know, this years we have had MAJOR technical issues with our mail including having all of our mail mysteriously disappear or become corrupted.  Well, it just happened again.We’ve tried everything to recreate the last several days of missing or corrupted messages but we just can’t get anywhere with the SmarterMail program.

Over the next few days, I will begin to migrate our mail and the mail servers over to a new provider.  If you send email and don’t hear back, please try again or send us a post at Facebook (   (The hosting of the website will stay put as the hosting company is fantastic and all the coding was done by Mike.)

We should be done with the email migration by Monday.

Thanks for your patience and understanding~

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