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Back in February, I had a little accident involving a large patch of ice and a fall.  Ouch!  I really did a number on my back and it laid me up for a while.  Eventually, I realized that the pain meant that I had done more to my back than simply bruising it so I made an appointment to see the Chiropractor that Mike has been going to for a number of years.

One of the reasons that we chose the practice that Mike had been going to was that they are wonderful and profession and professional people.  What had impressed me was how they look at their clients and their treatments in a “life encompassing way” (i.e. holistically).  They even have an optional program for consciously living a healthy life called Bonfire Health.

So rather than making an appointment to be adjusted to take care of the problem/symptoms from my slip&fall, I decided to see them and set up a “correction plan” so I could work on the symptoms AND learn what I should be doing to be healthier.

I’ve been going for about 6 weeks now and it’s been pretty amazing.  My posture is better, no more neck aches, I grind my teeth a lot less, and the most amazing thing – no more insomnia!  Apparently my back had been so out of whack for years that it interfered with my sleeping and relaxation.  Honestly, that never occurred to me as a reason for my insomnia.  Afterall, my posture wasn’t great but it wasn’t THAT bad either.

The health update?
Just a little bit of adjustment in how I sit, some conscious awareness of what I do with my neck and head when driving, and some simple exercises to strengthen my core.  Amazing.  Just from those little changes, I notice that I sleep better, I ache less, and I have more energy.  In short, I feel fantastic!

It’s the little things in life…



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3 thoughts on “The little things like standing up straight…

  • Anonymous

    Glad too hear your doing better Vinnie ! You don’t know mwe personally but i have listened too your interview with Karagan On Witchtalk and it was Great . Cheers and Bright Blessings xx. Marc

  • Mike Semensi

    Interesting post, Vinnie! Over the last few months I’ve found that I struggle to fall asleep (my doctor prescribed me an anti-anteixy… ) and Dan (my boyfriend) says that I grind my teeth more than ever before. Furthermore, I ask Dan to give me a back massage almost everyday which sometimes are helpful and sometimes make the pain worse – in short, I’m sure my back is all fucked up. I’m glad you’re doing well, and based on this blog post and positive results, I think I’m going to look into get an appointment with a chiropractor. Would you mind sending me your doctor’s information?

    Mike Semensi

  • Andrea

    Two types of physical activity that helped correct how I stand and hold my body are yoga and Tai Chi. You have no idea how what you think is standing up “straight” is unnatural until you know what a straight back is and what it feels like. And that’s the thing–knowing what it feels like so you can replicate it.

    I am notorious for my tight shoulders and upper back with my massage therapist and chiropractor, and happily the stretching and workouts I’m doing are correcting that. It’s nice to not be in pain all the time and just tune it out.

    Just some thoughts from someone who can relate. :) Glad you’re doing better!