As you know, I have a particular affinity for all things corvid.  :-)

I recently decided to look into the greco-roman myths surrounding crows and discovered that there was a connection between crows and Apollo.

Below are some of my favorite snippets.

Apollo and the Crow –

The Crow was the god Apollo’s sacred bird. Apollo was associated with prophecy and wisdom, with music and poetry, with medicine, law, philosophy, and the arts. When the Olympian gods were set upon by the monster Typhon, the god Pan shouted a warning, and the gods changed themselves into animals to escape. Aphrodite and Eros changed themselves into fish. Pan too tried to become a fish, but ended up as only half a fish. Apollo changed himself into a Crow.

How the Crow Became Black –
It is said that the Crow was originally snow-white in color, but it was the Crow who brought Apollo the awful news that his love Coronis had been unfaithful to him. Apollo took out his anger on the poor Crow turning his feathers into the mournful black color that crows have worn ever since.

Would anyone else like to contribute any tidbits of corvid lore from the Mediterranean?




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